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Defib Rental Solutions provides a cost effective and affordable way to make sure you have immediate access to a defibrillator otherwise known as an AED (Automated External Defibrillators) in case of emergency. We provide a range of rental / lease purchase options, tailored to your needs, which make a device available to all. Having a lifesaving defibrillator close at hand is essential to ensuring that quick action is taken in the event of a sudden Cardiac Arrest. The victim is three time more likely to survive if they receive early defibrillation.

Product Information

Why Rent?

The capital cost of a Defibrillator may put one out of reach of some organisations. We at Defib Rental Solutions have made it possible to spread the cost over a fixed term, to suit you, with a much more affordable monthly payment.

Can’t I just buy one?

We offer unbeatable cash price deals for the best technology. Defib Rental Solutions give you a package price for everything you need. There will be no hidden extras, and your AED will be ready to use upon delivery.

Will I ever own it?

If you wish, yes, at the end of the rental term. However, with technology ever changing you may wish to upgrade to the latest technology and continue with a monthly payment.

What do I get?

The monthly payment covers everything you need, without hidden extras. The package includes the AED device, Starter Kit, Adult and Child Pads, Carry Case and Wall Mount Cabinet.

Can I buy on line?

With such an important purchase, we would like to talk to you first. That way we can make sure that you are getting the right product and accessories for your needs. For example, did you know that if the AED is to be kept outside, it is imperative that the cabinet is heated and this requires power?


Why rent a defibrillator?

There has been a lot of publicity recently about the benefits of having immediate access to a defibrillator. For many a defibrillator is on a “wish list” owing to the significant capital outlay. To make defibrillators more accessible to all, we at Defib Rentals, have come up with a range of purchase, lease purchase and short term rental options, which makes the devices affordable to all, from as little as £32 + VAT per month.

Having a lifesaving defibrillator on site is essential for ensuring that quick action is taken in the event of a sudden Cardiac Arrest and the victim is three times more likely to survive if they receive early defibrillation.

Product Information

The new iPAD NF1200 from CU Medical is the latest in the range of intelligent public access defibrillators from one of the Worlds leading manufacturers of clinical defibrillator monitors.

Designed to be used by minimally trained individuals, the iPAD is suitable for use almost anywhere that people gather, whether it’s within the workplace, a shopping centre or a hospital, the iPAD makes saving lives easier than ever.

This is our best selling defibrillator, designed to be used by people with no first aid knowledge, impossible to be operated incorrectly.

The i-PAD NF1200 is a fully-automated external defibrillator (also known as an AED). It provides simple and direct voice prompts and instructions for straightforward rescue operation. It is lightweight and battery powered for maximum portability.

Key Features

Pads connector Guide & LEDs

  • Indicate the position of the pads connector
  • Pads are pre-connected and stored underneath the lid of the SAVER

Information button

  • Allows responder to select if CPR metronome is heard during CPR
  • Checks for faults and errors
  • Provides handover information to Emergency Services (usage time, shocks delivered)
  • Allows the rescuer to toggle between compression-tobreathing ratios during CPR (30:2 and 15:2)

State LED

  • Indicated the operational state of the SAVER:
  • Blinking green—the SAVER is in standby mode and ready for operation
  • Solid green—the SAVER is in rescue mode
  • Blinking red—the SAVE R has detected a system error or low battery level during a self-test
  • Solid blue—the SAVE R is performing a self-test
  • Blinking white—the SAVER is in administration mode. It announces usage data and waits for a possible data transfer to a PC

Battery pack

  • 12v DC disposable, long life, lithium battery pack
  • Battery life of minimum 200 shocks or 4 hours of operating time

IrDA data communication port and internal memory

  • The SAVER has an internal memory of maximum 5 events with a maximum duration of 75 minutes each
  • The IrDA port allows data to be sent and received to and from a PC

Shock button

  • Highly visible and responsive orange shock button
  • When a shock is advised, it flashes orange along with the voice prompt “press the orange shock button now”


  • Covers the front panel of the SAVER and retains the electrode pads

Intergated handle

  • An easy-grip carrying handle for increased portability of the SAVER

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